Spring day in the grass

Dance Kinexion was born out of the simple joy of sharing my favorite hobby with my friends and community. I have  since turned my passion into a profession, offering public dance classes, private lessons and special events in Bozeman, Livingston, Big Sky and other Montana communities..

I combine my dance and music education with a background in adult learning and personality styles to help my clients meet their own personal learning goals.

I believe dance is not only a fun social activity, but also a superb way to “kinect” more fully with our partners, our community and – most importantly – ourselves.  As Martha Graham said,  “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”

Nothing is as motivating to me as watching people of all ages literally bloom from the confidence they develop from learning to dance, deepening their skills or enhancing their relationships. I love to teach and choreograph and specialize in working with wedding couples who want to create a memorable experience for their first dance, especially those who want to to learn in a highly supportive atmosphere at their own pace.

I’m a certified American-style Rhythm instructor (swing and latin) and have trained with top professionals in Country Western, American Smooth, International Standard, International Latin and social “club” dance styles.  I am constantly seeking further education and strive to bring the current “state of the art” instruction and modern styling into all of my classes, while honoring the traditions of the past.

Every day with dance is a new adventure! I look forward to sharing the adventure with you here amid the splendor of the mountains and the sublime pursuit of “kinexion.”

Kerie Michele Hagler

Swing dance class

Photos by Orange Photographie

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