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Learn to dance and change your life! Social dance is all about connection through movement. Develop greater connection and confidence while achieving your own personal goals.  We offer a range of options to fit your lifestyle, schedule and budget, including Bozeman dance lessons, wedding dance lessons, group dance classes, private classes, social dance events and workshop intensives.

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Dancing is one of the most natural things we do, but dancing with a partner is an acquired skill. We’ve developed an accelerated learning method that teaches you to learn any style of dance quickly! 

Whether you want to dance at your wedding, just for fun at local bars, or are looking for a social ‘sport’  to keep your body and mind challenged and engaged, we’ve got you covered!

We teach country western and club dances that are popular here in Montana, such as Country Two-Step and Country Swing (jitterbug), as well as ballroom, swing and latin styles, and popular wedding dances such as Night Club Two-Step and Country Waltz and Slow Blues.  

We specialize in helping not only those looking to improve their general dance skills, but also wedding couples and their families prepare for a meaningful, personalized and enjoyable first dance or parent dance.

Every dancer, couple and even group class is unique, we keep that in mind in our dance lessons so you’ll never encounter the “once size fits all” approach, while still offering consistent quality instruction.


“This was the best class I’ve taken in a long time! My fiancé and I have zero dancing skills and definitely no rhythm. She was so kind, patient and helpful. We learned a lot in our first session and look forward to practicing what we learned as well as learn more I’m the very near future. I highly recommend!”Delaney K

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