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Country, swing, ballroom and latin dance classes and wedding dance packages


Learn to dance and change your life!  Social dance is all about connection through movement. Develop greater connection and confidence while achieving your own personal goals.  We offer a range of options to fit your lifestyle, schedule and budget, including Bozeman dance classes, classes in other Montana cities, private dance lessons, wedding dance lesson packages and workshop intensives.

dance classes

Dancing is one of the most natural things we do, but dancing with a partner is an acquired skill. We’ve developed an accelerated learning method that teaches you to learn any style of dance quickly! By focusing on the foundational skills of solo and partner movement first in our dance classes, you’ll be able to learn the actual steps and rhythm for your favorite dance genres at any level.  Whether you want to dance just for fun at local bars, weddings and dances, or are looking for a social ‘sport’  to keep your body and mind challenged and engaged , we’ve got you covered!

We specialize in teaching not only ballroom, swing and latin, but also club and country dances that are extremely useful here in Montana, such as Country Western Two-Step and Country Swing (jitterbug), and popular wedding dances such as Night Club Two-Step and Country Waltz.  

Why learn from us?

  • Our dance classes are always a safe and supportive environment!  Kerie takes her role as your coach seriously, keeping it entertaining, highly encouraging and always stimulating.
  • We limit our class sizes so you always get some personal attention and opportunities to dance with your instructor, whether leader or follower.
  • We often follow up our dance classes with reminders on what you learned and video recaps so you can practice the moves anytime.
  • Our periodic social dances and other events offer a chance to practice your new skills with classmates and experienced dancers. Plus, we’ll keep you informed on where and when to find dancing out and about in the area.
  • We love to work with your individual goals and customize an instruction plan for private dance lessons, including creative choreography that suits your personality and style for wedding dance lessons!
  • Kerie is constantly striving to improve her effectiveness as a teacher and choreographer, absorbing new methods, exercises and ideas from the best in the business, along with tried-and-true, certified approaches.
  • We are all about continuous improvement and take your feedback to heart on what works for you individually!